42 US Presidents & the Knights Templar… is there a connection?


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In 2012 a 7th grader named BridgeAnne d’Avignon discovered that 42 of the 43 US presidents are related, by using software her grandfather created for tracing his family genealogy. All US presidents are related except for former president Van Buuren (who is of Dutch decent). She discovered that they all had one ancestor in particular – King John Lackland Plantagenet. Yes this is the same King John of Robin Hood lore.

English: Cross and Crown of Knights Templar (M...

English: Cross and Crown of Knights Templar (Masonic order). Português: Cruz Coroada dos Cavaleiros Templários (Ordem Maçônica). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But there are some more possible significance to this fact that might escape superficial examination. It is well known that many of the US Presidents are members of secret societies like the Skulls or the Freemasons (not so secret anymore), in fact it is admitted that George H.W. Bush is in fact a Mason of the 33rd Degree, which is the highest degree of Freemasonry. So now we have to ask ourselves… Why this tendency for such men of power to belong to these fraternal sub rosa societies? Is it not perhaps their heritage? If we were to operate on the assumption that it is in fact their heritage lets us reexamine their original ancestor, King John of England. We know he ruled from 1199 until 18 October 1216. His Brother Richard went off to join the Crusades and John was left to rule in his stead. What makes this period also especially important is that it was during this time that the Knights Templar functioned under the sanction and blessing of the Roman Catholic Church. We also know that the Knight Templar returned from Jerusalem and that they were reportedly men of great wealth and influence. King John had links both in Britain and a large part of Europe which would have made him privy to just about everything that took place in Europe and the UK during that time. We know the Knights Templar returned from the Crusades and established trade and started the European banking system as it is still today. The Knights Templar had no qualm trading with Muslims and Jews and this in part contributed to them being prosecuted by the Church later in 1307 and their total dissolution in 1312. In 1314 the last Grand Master was burned at the stake.

Templars burned at the stake.

Templars burned at the stake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is very convenient that King John ruled during the time when the Knights Templar were at their pinnacle and that the decedents of King John have a tendency towards Masonic orders, for there then not to exist a link would be just as convenient.

If one reads about European history round the time of the Crusades one has to ask, who were the true evil, the Ottoman or the Holy Roman Catholic Church. These mysteries are likely never to be solved.

I invite you to read for yourselves and form your own opinions whilst keeping an open mind as to the possibilities:




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